ClustEval documentation

ClustEval is an automated framework for cluster analysis written in Java which comes together with a Ruby on Rails website. This includes most common subtasks of every cluster analysis, such as

The Framework

process flow of ClustEval

A general process diagram of ClustEval

Our framework clusteval is intended to perform automatized cluster analysis of arbitrary data sets and clustering methods. The goal is, that any clustering method known to the framework can be applied to any known data set (with certain exceptions, partly imposed by the employed clustering methods and partly by ClustEval).

In general clusteval is divided into a backend and a frontend. Figure 1 shows the general structure of the framework. The backend is reponsible for doing all the calculations including clusterings and the frontend has only visualization purposes.

Extending ClustEval

ClustEval can be extended in many ways. Please head over to Extending ClustEval to get more information.